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Our studio headshot sessions are shot in our home studio in Longbenton, Newcastle upon Tyne and each individual session lasts between 2-3 hours. We aim to make each session as relaxed and informal as possible, so you don't need to feel you have to watch the clock. We will usually shoot a handful of different looks for each client during the session. Shooting a different range of looks allows us to get a variety of images for your use, for whatever purpose you need, whether it be for casting directors, corporate, or social media.

During the shoot we will discuss and edit the images with you as we go. We will look at each shot to see how well it works for you and the impression you want to give. Working this way we can adjust the session to account for anything that together we feel we may have missed. You'll leave us knowing exactly what we've captured, and that the images have met your approval along the way. It will then be up to you to select the final images to be fully edited.

What do you get

Around 2-3 hours in our home studio, with as many clothing changes as you want to bring along, and as many photos taken as the time will allow. We will then edit these down with you as we shoot, for you to make a final selection of up to 6 of images to be fully edited. If you wish, we can upload the images to a server so you can make the final selection in the comfort of your own home.

Our 'Invest in Yourself' offer is £80

If you prefer on-location headshot sessions, particularly for corporate clients, these can be arranged, and prices will vary according to your requirements. Please contact us for more information.

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